It is with great sadness that on Saturday, May 13, 2023, we lost a major part of our family. Casanova Dazen was a beautiful pedigree snow white Persian with light blue eyes born on September 9, 2006. He had a beautiful sole as he would show his affection for anyone by licking them. Because of this, he acquired the nickname “Mr. Lickey.” He will be missed terribly but will remain in our hearts and souls forever until we meet again. May God watch over him as he dwells in the House of the Lord for eternity.


Mom and Dad



On the morning of Mothers day, another very well loved cat crossed the rainbow bridge. His name is Sox. Also well known as Lil Man by his family, was the most handsome and most well dressed cat anyone could have had. He was an absolute gentleman. Sporting his wicked tuxedo and fu manchu, Sox loved to eat food, play with his giant carrot toy, sleep, and play with his sister Wraith. He would always greet you at the door, guard you when you were in the bathroom, and he was a great mouse catcher. He will be forever missed. 

Booty Man

Booty man passed away May 6 2023. He was 23 yrs old. He spent the last 12 yrs being loved by his mom Linda. He was one of 7 cats however he was Linda's favorite. (Please don't tell the others). He was loved. He was found as a stray in Greensburg pa. It was 40 below that winter. He adjusted to indoor life quickly. The past yr was rough.  He succumb to a blood clot in his leg and couldn't walk. It was his time. He will be forever in our hearts.

Lil Peep

Peep passed away on Wednesday, April 26th at home after a battle with cancer. Born on April 20th 2017, Peep was survived by her parents, one baby brother, and four fur siblings. Peep was our first cat and the beginning of us turning into crazy cat people. You could always find peep curled up on a blanket or pillow. She was our polite girl, always waiting for permission before coming up beside you for cuddles. A cheese connoisseur, her favorite was sharp cheddar. Peep, goose, goosie goo, you were taken too soon and will be missed by all. We love you.


Isis Marie passed away with her mom (Lisa) & dad (Jason) by her side Friday morning. Isis was a very loving, caring, loyal pup.  She loved everyone and wanted to be a part of whatever we were doing.  Isis loved going to her Paps camp, her Uncle Richs house, walks in the woods, laying around a campfire & car rides. Isis left paw prints on everyone's heart she came across.  15 years ago, you chose me and from that day, you were my #1.  Isis joined her two brothers, Titan and Bruiser and her Grandma aka Gram – cracker, Susy Spirko. Run free big girl, you deserve it! We will forever love and miss you! 



To my baby boy you are now with your fat butt brother over the Rainbow Bridge. You were an amazing friend and thank you for everything you will be missed and loved!


Sebastian Casper Klutka 


2006 – 3/30/2023


Sebi was born in Hermosa Beach, California where he had a litter of 3 pups with Lily (Sadie, Bubbi and Bella). Sebi also adopted a young maltipoo we called BUZZ. He loved walks by the beach and the local parks. 


Sebi made the trip across the U.S. with Sadie, Dad and Uncle Frank where he visited Las Vegas, Vail, and walked the campus at Notre Dame. 


He started his new life in Hopewell after staying with his Grandma for a few years in New Brighton. Sebi adopted a new Momma, Vanessa and became fur family with sister and brother Brooklyn and Axle. 


Sebi loved treats from Mom and walking in his neighborhoods of New Brighton, Hopewell and Aliquippa and his work town Beaver. Sebi loved visiting his Pap in Oak Hill cemetery and has been to all of these parks and schools. (Brush Creek, Big Rock, Flag Park, Bradys Run, Sewickley, Moon, Point State, CCBC, Penn State Beaver, Hopewell, Center and Aliquippa) He loved going to Pittsburgh to pick up vegan food with Dad. 


Sebi finally adopted another family member Scooter. He loved visiting his new grandparents, Dan and Nan, and loved to snuggle and snooze in his bed and mountain of toys. Sebi taught us so much about unconditional love and was with us through life’s changes and experiences. All he ever wanted was for you to pet his face. 


Sebi was Superman and a Little Dragon for the most recent Halloween holidays and Santa Paws for Christmas. 


In the last years of his life, he was losing his sight and having other health issues, but his bark was always the loudest when family came home. He never passed up a walk even if he was being carried. Sebi changed our lives forever. Sebi passed peacefully over Rainbow Bridge in his sleep on 3/30/23 next to his family. 


He is now with Grandpa Frank, Brooklyn, Buzz and Mabel (who we adopted Scooter from). We love and miss you Sebi and will meet you to love and play again. 



Zoey passed away peacefully, following a short illness, in her human mother’s arms, comforted and receiving the kisses to her temple and head that she loved so much. She was raised all 12+ years of her cherished life by her human mother, since she was 5 months old. She also had two other significant humans in her life; she is preceded in death by one, of 8 years, and survived by another, of over 5 years, as well as other fur and human family and friends. She was a Toy Fox Terrier, and embodied all of those terrier traits. She was famously known as Toaster, Toasty, among many other variations; Toy Fox Chicken; The Fun Police; The Tiny White Raccoon; and others. She was the true guard dog of any home we lived in and kept everyone accountable for their funny business. She was notorious for her small stature; single black spot above her tail; big personality; breaking into food containers, cardboard boxes, or backpacks for food; big puppy eyes; and huge ears, which were as soft as velvet. She loved toys; cuddles; kisses on her head; any and all food that was safe for her to eat, but especially radishes and popcorn, as well as any other morsels from hunting on the kitchen floor during meal prep, around her late parrot sister Alice’s cage, or scraps in the yard with the chickens, ducks, and geese she used to live with; playing frisbee; getting her neck and sides sniffed by other dogs she’s lived with; sun spots in the house and standing outside in the sun; dancing; traveling; being “tucked in” to bed; opening presents; exploring in the woods to find good sticks to strip of the bark; and many more things. She was an IVDD survivor and never let it limit her strong and determined spirit, remaining able to walk and run freely, but with a cautious mother in tow. She also achieved an on-screen debut in a feature documentary film that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and other festivals around the world. Toasty’s presence, companionship, and love will be sorely missed.


Our beautiful boy, Squeeks, you are missed terribly. Thank you for all the love, naps, & games of peek-a-boo. You always found your way back home; I know you will return in one way or another. We find solace knowing you are not alone; tell your brothers & sisters we miss & love them too. I would do it all over again if I could. There will always be a home here for you. Your love of butt pats, sun naps & trips to the kitchen will not be forgotten. In the meantime, you've sent us five little friends to nurture & I know you're watching over all of us. Forever my Squeekums. 


Love Mom 


Clyde – you came to our family through a friend of a friend as a sweet little bundle of orange energy. You grew into a sweet and lovable big bundle of orange energy. You and Bear became best friends instantly. I always knew that wherever you were, Bear would be there too and vice versa. I know you were sad when Bear left for the Bridge but after a little time, you and Gibbson found that special bond. I loved to see the two of you cuddled together and there were times when you even let his little sister join the cuddle puddle. I wish I could have saved you sweet boy. You were supposed to go to the vet that evening, but you took matters into your own paws. You never did like car rides. There are times when I swear, I can see you walking by or sitting up high on the cat tree – your favorite spot. Gibbson and I are a little lost without you, but we are sticking together. I hope you have found all your brothers by now. We miss you and will forever love you.