2001-04-18 — 2021-01-25

My Dearest Abby


Abby was born April 18th, 2001 and brought into her family home as a tiny kitten. She immediately established her role as the queen of the house and upheld that role until the very end. She was quite sassy with a big personality. Queen Abby loved sunbathing, cuddling, Fancy Feast, listening to Kelly Clarkson, watching Harry Potter, looking out the window and playing with her toys. She frequently showed her affection by gentle head-butts and purring so loud you could hear her across the room. She was the most beautiful soul and made her family happy. She was a trooper throughout her renal failure treatments but it was eventually her time to pass. She lived to be 19 years and 9 months old. Abby was a loving cat and she is dearly missed.

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