Alexis "Lexi"

2007-08-23 — 2022-04-20

Alexis “Lexi” Marie Hausrath (aka Princess, Velvet Hippo, Alexabeth) was a fighter. After injuring her spine 7 years ago and being told she would never walk again, she defied the odds. Her injury never stopped her from being a bull in a fine China shop.  She loved walks, all the treats, giving kisses, and sunbathing in the backyard.  Despite her many ailments, it seemed Lexi wasn’t even aware she was disabled and she was the happiest girl until her final day. As the original baby, she showed unwavering loyalty to her Mom & Dad for almost 15 years.


Lexi is survived by her parents, Emily and Justin. Lexi is preceded in death by her sister, Chloe and brother, Aiden.  “The Wolfpack” is now reunited.


“We loved you your whole life and will miss you the rest of ours.”

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