Alice Quinn

2010-02-05 — 2022-06-29

Gone too soon, Alice passed away in her human mother’s hands, comforted and loved. The same hands that raised her all 12 years of her life, since she was 5 months old. She was known as Al, Little Al, Dragon Lady, and Tiny Dinosaur. She livened up the home with her family flight call, alerts, happy noises and whistles, and kisses. Her flight call was a simple two clicks, established in 2010 when she was about 6 months old, which was used her whole life, and then she had a second call, years later, of a long and short whistle. She loved new toys; singing and dancing to big band music (especially Louis Armstrong); an array of foods but particularly popcorn, pomegranate seeds, apple, and sunflower seeds; bathtime and showers; head scratches; meeting new people; opening her Christmas presents; and giving “bedtime-bedtime” kisses. She left an impression on everyone she met because of her gorgeous rainbow colors, intelligence, sweetness, and big personality. We would like to thank her for alerting us and protecting us from the big birds, airplanes, and other questionable activity outside her window and thank her for the love she brought to our lives, just as we loved her so much in return.

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