2010-07-30 — 2021-06-11

 Annie Anderson July 30, 2010 – June 10, 2021 Annie was the quintessential adventure dog. Traveling in the car and discovering all that the world had to offer – woods, ponds, deer, Sonic Drive-ins – brought her such joy. It goes without saying that she was the finest, and most beautiful, of companions with a deserved reputation of being the dog that never did anything bad in her entire life. While Annie had no real tolerance for any other creature (except her beloved Porter), she was always ready to greet her many human friends, family and fans with kisses and perhaps, if you were chosen, a chin bite. She loved balls, especially those that squeaked, and small squeaky toys. She lived for a good round of “Go find!” and could be counted on to be near no matter what activity I was involved in. She frequently stopped by to raise morale at my workplace, befriended the mailman and delivery drivers (once she knew they carried treats) and never even came close to “eating” anyone. Annie traveled to nine states, and lived in two. I will always treasure those days at the Darby Falls Farm in Kentucky, road trips to Ithaca, New York, Indianapolis, Memphis and Virginia and the folk we met along the way. Spending quiet time just sitting on the patio together was my favorite part of the day. Annie was always strong, and loyal and brave and funny. She actually buried bones! She made me laugh, and gave me security, serenity, love and companionship every moment of her life. Sadly, Annie had many health complications in her short life, but they never kept her down for long. Annie made it clear that she was my girl from the first time I laid eyes on her until our very last moments together. But, being the sweet and loving girl that she was, she touched many hearts. I will inadvertently leave out someone – my apologies. To her Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Greg, Aunt Sally, Trish, Larry & Fatima, Jen, Kenia, Erin, Lyndsey, Erika, Karen, Neighbor Mike, Gail, K8, and her trainer, Rachel – thank you for being a part of her world. Finally my deepest gratitude to Brenton – your kindness meant the world to us. I am grateful to all of you that celebrated her birthdays, went on adventures and otherwise were part of the best decade of my life. I will miss you beyond words, Annie, but I will never cease thinking of and remembering you every day until the end. I love you, Pantz. – – Mama

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