2009-06-14 — 2023-03-12

Brody Austin Neely

June 14, 2009-March 12,2023


Our sweet boy passed away in our arms Sunday night at PVSEC in Pittsburgh from complications of liver/gall bladder disease. 

Our baby Brody was loyal, sweet, loving, handsome and playful- all the best qualities that could fit into a 24-pound bundle of joy.  Although we adopted him from Angels for Animals, he was “Mama’s Sweet Angel” and “Mama’s Angel Boo Bear.”  He stole our hearts from day one and brought joy to everyone he met.

I was fortunate to work from home these past few years where Brody served as my best coworker. When I got up to get a glass of water, he would take a drink as well.  He’d even wait for me to sit down at my desk before he laid down in his bed beside me while I finished out the workday. Then, he’d stare at the garage door every evening until his daddy came home from work. Once everyone was safely in the house for the evening, he could rest.  He was our little protector.

Of course, there was always time for his favorite games.  He loved hiding a ball beneath a rug or blanket and then was always delighted when he found it again! He also loved to play with Nicholas (his big brother). When Nick was little, he’d dress himself and Brody up in Firefighter outfits and he called him his “fire dog.” Nick liked to tease Brody all the time, stealing his toys. Brody would bark like crazy at him, but he loved playing with Nick.  And of course, everyone knew he loved watching TV, especially shows with animals where he would bark wildly, trying to protect us from whatever furry creature was on the screen. 

Brody loved birthdays and Christmas too- any holiday that involved gifts! He loved to open presents and was really good at it! Brody’s penchant for unwrapping kept us from putting presents under the tree before Christmas morning because he would try to open them!  If it was someone else’s birthday, we still had to make sure Brody received a gift… although everyone brought him presents…his Mammaw and Pap, Grandma and Pap Galusky, his Aunt Donna, his Aunt Melinda, Uncle Pat and Aunt Phyllis. He knew when he saw his Uncle Pat that he would always have a couple treats for him.

He loved going to see his Pappy too. All you had to say was, “Where’s Pappy?” and he would jump up, look around and start barking. 

Brody was also loved by his extended family.  Anytime we had to go out of town, he would get to stay with our friend and groomer Stephanie and play with his little furry friend Marty.  Stephanie and Reggie took care of him just like we did. He got to sleep in the bed and get lots of loving while we were away. When he was younger, Brody also enjoyed going to Doggy Daycare- he loved playing with his numerous friends there as well!

The house is so quiet now without our Brody.  We cherish every memory and second we had with our Boo.  We miss Brody’s cheerful presence and the unwavering love he gave to us.  I would always ask him, “who’s the best boy ever?” and then say, “it’s you My Love.”  We feel certain that he’s running around playing with his sisters Preshy and Sierra.  We miss him deeply and will love him forever and always.




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