2013-01-30 — 2020-02-14

Ms. Cassia was born January 30, 2013.  She brought love and joy to her family for seven years.  Smart, mischievous, lively, and loving, giving many kisses and hugs, and loved belly rubs. She and her sister from the same litter were inseparable, loved to play together and were true soul mates, as long as she was the boss. Cassia was a master of the side eye and would not hesitate to use it when she felt the need.  She enjoyed barking at cats, cars, ups trucks and anyone walking near her yard.  Cassia will be missed by many, but none more than her mom. Cassia leaves behind a sister Aura, her aunt Diann, and her mom. Please give your dog extra hugs, treats and belly rubs.

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