2015-02-10 — 2020-06-03

On June 3rd, Heaven gained a beautiful, happy princess angel named Charley.  Chuck, as she was known to her family, was born on February 10, 2015 and came to her forever family on April 2, 2015.  Through illness, injury and heartbreak, Charley was a faithful companion who showed nothing but unconditional love…even when she was the cause of those injuries.

How do you pay tribute to a dog who was more than a pet and had so many quirks? Words don’t seem to be enough to describe how truly wonderful and unique she was and how much she was loved.  This tribute doesn’t seem like enough for a dog who had such an impact on so many but her family could write forever about her.

Her favorite part of every day was when her people would come home from work.  Everyone got their own special greeting but each began with an excited bark, a thumping tail and tippy tappy feet.  4:50 pm was her favorite time of day because it was when she got to go outside and run her yard while chasing down her favorite green squeaky stick.  She knew when it was time and would run around barking and jumping at the door until she was released to run like a flash; not a single inch of her yard was left uninspected.  She was a true professional when it came to tracking and catching her stick.

Char-Char was spoiled, always getting what she wanted.  She loved sitting on laps, getting her butt scratched, going for car rides, begging for food, playing with hair ties and being around her people.  Since she was a puppy, every night ended with her sitting on mom’s lap for hugs and then demanding to go into her “house” for bedtime.  Her winning smile and good looks landed her a gig as a brand ambassador for dog bandanas and she was an Instagram star.

Charley is survived by her “mom” Jill, her grandpawrents Fran “Wheels” and Smitty “Doofus”, Uncle Alex and Aunt Taylor, Great Aunt Cookie and Great Uncle Jay, her fur cousin Riley and many furry friends and their families all over the globe.

While Charley was taken from us far too soon and we will miss her barking, her nails on the floor, being canopenered, scratching her butt, rubbing her velvety ears, her hair over everything, her smile and cuddles, we are comforted by the knowledge that every day of her life was the best day ever and we treated her like a princess.  We will remember all of the adventures we had together from broken femurs to Independence Day parades to Christmas to weddings to just every single day we had with her.  We also find solace in knowing that Charley never met a stranger and left huge pawprints on the hearts of everyone she met.

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