2004-12-01 — 2021-12-10

Chino aka ChiChi bean aka Cheeny – he was the leader of the group in our house. He was ornery at times but he also never met a fettucine noodle that he didn’t love. Or a piece of cheese. Or salami. But more than anything, he loved his brother, Cinders. They were true brothers (from the same litter) and bonded like I’ve never seen. We lost Cinders earlier in the year and in my heart, I knew we’d probably lose the Cheech master soon. Never let anyone tell you that animals don’t mourn. They do and Chino did. He never really got over his brother being gone. When he started getting sick, he went downhill very fast. He wanted to be with his brother. His orneriness and grumbling is missed terribly but we take comfort in knowing they are together forever. Fly high Chino! Fly high with your brother.

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