2009-01-01 — 2021-01-24


Cider “Roo Roo” Lucente was a feisty and loveable Pomeranian who was found on the streets in bad shape by animal control during Fall 2019. Thanks to a lot of good humans who helped her, she arrived at the wonderful Paws Across Pittsburgh rescue and adoption agency. Cider began to receive the love and medical care she desperately needed and owes her life to PAP, especially her amazing foster mom, Courtney.


On January 4, 2020, Cider found her forever home and adoptive human parents, Michael and Lora, and a silly dog brother named Jack. 


It took a little bit of time, but Cider learned to trust and love her new parents and home – and she even learned how fun it was to play! Cider tolerated her brother Jack but was more interested in humans. However, Jack and Cider learned to be snuggle buddies and treat-begging companions.


Cider affectionately earned multiple nicknames such as, “Roo Roo”, “Cidery Roo”, “Cidey Girl” and “Feisty McHammer-Pants”.


Cider's most favorite things in life were eating food especially Skinny Mini treats, sitting on the porch with her family on a nice day, barking at Jack when he runs around the house, sleeping, and cuddling with her humans.


Cider's birthdate is not exactly known, but veteranians estimated she was born in 2009. Despite her feisty spirit and resilience to her struggles in life, Cider unexpectedly became ill and quickly crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 12 on January 24, 2021. 


Cider will always be missed and loved by her family, especially her Mom and Dad. Cider taught her parents the power of love and helping animals in need, especially senior dogs.

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