2006-01-01 — 2019-11-23

Cierra was born early 2006 in East Lansing in Michigan. Cierra started her life as part of a kidney research study at Michigan State University as a control animal. We rescued her after the study was completed. She and her sister Celine moved in to my apartment in Lansing. When we adopted Cierra she did not know how to be a cat. She could not jump, so we taught her how to jump and be a kitty – as it turned out she became the sweetest kitty ever. 
In 2007 she moved with me to Bar Harbor in Maine and in 2010 we brought her to Pittsburgh. Here she first lived in our apartment where she eventually met her 3 new boy cat friends (Kaleb, Jakob, and Oscar). We then moved into our first house in Robinson where Cierra performed her highest jump ever – right out the window. To this day we call it the “Great Window Jump”, which gave Cierra her lasting nickname “Peter Pan”. She was known and loved by her German grandparents because she often provided a soft head rest on top of the couch, which got Cierra her second nickname “Sofa Kissen (couch pillow)”.

Cierra was the most uncomplicated and clean cat ever. She was peaceful until her last moment. She died in our hands and was surrounded by the people and cats who loved her.
She is missed and will forever be in our hearts.

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