2004-10-12 — 2020-08-28

Coal came into our lives as a shelter puppy. He got his name because we got him at Christmas time and his fur was mostly all black. He was caring to the family, including the kids, but territorial of his castle, our home. A few of Coals likes were: lying under the table at dinner time (waiting for the kids to drop food), barking out the window at passers by, his chew bones, left over jars of peanut butter, digging in the yard, rough housing with dad, and sitting on the couch (even though he wasn't supposed to- mom's rule). He is now with our family in heaven including his fur cousins. We know that you are no longer suffering but our lives are incomplete without you Coal-Coal.

George's Tribute to Coal
Once upon a time there was a dog name Coal. I called him Oreo because he had the colors of it. He had fun but when i was 4 he wasn't a puppy anymore. He was so good and cute that sometimes I have to give him food. I have a stuffed animal that looked like him. I called him (the stuffed animal) Coal 2. I soon had a youtube name idea named after him (Coal) because I knew he was going soon. He's a good dog. His weakness were baths.  🙁 He liked food, had a lot of energy, and a lot of barks. 🙂

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