2005-10-22 — 2021-10-16

16, of Gibsonia and formerly of Clovis, New Mexico, died a natural death on October 16, 2021. A proud cat, Daphne was very meticulous with her fur and groomed it to absolute perfection; her white fur reflected and glowed in the sunlight like an angel. A clever cat, Daphne was an expert communicator and knew precisely how to tell her humans what she wanted; whether it was treats, attention, sitting in her favorite window, or just giving them a piece of her mind. A loving cat, Daphne wanted all the pets and throat scratches; she always knew how to make her humans smile and laugh, and her devotion to them had no bounds.  Daphne was a gaming buddy, a movie buddy, and a snuggle buddy. She is, and will always be, The Goodest Girl. She is survived by her two humans, Elizabeth and Robert.

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