2015-07-03 — 2022-11-14

At exactly 14:00 hours today, Monday, November 14, 2022, we lost one of the greatest dogs the world has ever known. It came quick, it came unexpectedly, and it is something you can never prepare yourself for.

He was our son and our sun. He was the center of our universe. How we go on from here I'm not exactly sure. But we will get through this together, because we have no choice. Our hearts are broken. But, over time, they will heal.

If I've ever needed your help before, I've never needed it more than I do now.

He was seven. I thought we had several more years yet.

He was rescued. But, he did far more to rescue us than we ever did to rescue him.

It was determined today that he had a tumor that had grown inside of his heart. Without warning this morning, he became lethargic and very ill. He went to the vet, and after x-rays and an ultrasound, it was determined that the tumor was bleeding placing extreme pressure upon his heart and he was suffocating. There was no treatment. We were not going to let him suffer. He was far too great to ever suffer.

Hemangiosarcoma – an extremely aggressive form of cancer in dogs. With it, they have days to live. There are no signs or symptoms till it is too late – only days after developing it.

I carried him in my arms.

The vet said had we not taken him in when we did he would have died at home. He would not have made it more than a day.

Tonight, hug the ones you love. And always cherish the memories of the ones you've lost. For tonight we have lost another.

The streets of heaven have gained another angel tonight.

To my son, Dusty, you rescued me far more than I ever rescued you. You were there through some of the most difficult times I have ever suffered in my life. Your love was unconditional. And, mine will remain the same.

I can only hope we made you as happy as you made us.

He died in our laps.

Our lives are forever changed.

Steve, we will get through this. For we have no choice.

Our house is going to be a little more empty to say the least. Losing the center of our universe sort of makes it that way.

Thank you everybody for the outpouring of support. But, this is going to hurt for a very long time.

I just wish we could have had a little more time and maybe just a little bit of warning.

We didn't get that.

Now if you will excuse me, we have a little more crying to do.

Right now, I can't see through the tears.

He'll never know how much he truly meant.

I mean every word of that.

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