2015-01-12 — 2022-03-08

Easton Michael Broyles (Rehe)

January 12, 2015 – March 8, 2022


Easton passed away after a brave battle with cancer on March 8, 2022. He was diagnosed with Histiocytic sarcoma in October 2020 and perfected life as a tri-pawd from November 2020 forward.


Easton had a big personality, was curious, and never met a stranger. He was the master of the head tilt and would listen intensely and give big reactions to the right words. He loved to snuggle, take car rides, and was always appreciative of a good scratch to his chin, tummy, or butt. Easton would never turn down an opportunity for snuggles. He would demand to be pet by pawing at you or sliding his nose under your hand. You could always find him on the couch or sitting on the stairs staring out into the world. He was so tall that he would back right up to the couch and sit, leaving his front legs on the floor. Easton gave the best hugs by standing right next to you with his nose nuzzled between your neck and shoulder.


Easton also loved to pick on his Golden Retriever sister, Ellie. He was never one to be overly excited about new toys but would constantly chase after her as she played fetch in the yard. On a sunny day, Easton loved to roll in the grass and soak up all the sun rays. He didn’t love water or baths but liked to stick his nose straight up to the sky on a rainy day to let the rain drops hit his face. He also loved to romp in the snow with Ellie.


Easton always thought he could catch birds, neighborhood cats, and bunnies from the back yard. He was quick (even on three legs) but a bit clumsy and completely too friendly to know what to do if he ever got close enough to them.


Easton also loved to eat – peanut butter, cheese, steak, chicken, and eggs were his favorite. He was always aware of breakfast and dinner times and would anxiously notify with a howl or a moan when the time neared. Breakfast, dinner, snack, treat, and cookie were some of his favorite words to which he would always lick his lips at the mention of. He knew the sound of the cheese drawer and of treat bags and would come running anytime he heard them.


Easton was always excited to do whatever adventure was coming next. He was always eager to go outside, for a car ride, or on a beach vacation. He wanted to be included in everything that was going on and had a terrible case of FOMO – he would come find you anytime you weren’t right next to him. He loved to hang his head out of the car window and was always sure to let drive thru workers know that he was in the car waiting for his treat.


Easton was loved and cared about tremendously by so many people and will be thought about and missed daily. We are so thankful for all the people in his life who loved and cared for him. He received extraordinary care from his oncology family at PVSEC and his local friends at Animal Medical Center. We’ll be forever grateful for the extra 16 months we were able to love and snuggle him after his diagnosis.


Easton was a very special dog, and he will always be our best friend. We loved you your whole life and we will miss you for the rest of ours.



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