2020-01-05 — 2022-06-25

Gabby began his life outside and was first noticed by his humans in January 2021 when he was nearly 1 year old. It took many months of food, treats, and playing with toys through the door, but he finally trusted his new humans and decided to be an indoor cat.

His Dad wasn't ready for another cat when Gabby came along, but Gabby quickly became his nighttime buddy, accompanying him in an otherwise sleeping house to get water and late night snacks. The love blossomed from there.

Gabby loved playing with all toys, especially the “bad snakey” fleece ribbon, his fuzzy opossum, and his circular ball track. But what he loved even more was to surprise his feline siblings with his favorite game of hide and pounce. His siblings, on the other hand, did not love this game.

Gabby enjoyed being petted and scritched everywhere and was even fond of belly rubs. He frequently ran ahead of the humans just to flop in front of them to demand pets and attention. And while getting brushed, he would roll from side to side to ensure no spots were missed.

Gabby was lively and fun. He made his presence known and was always interested in attention, whether that be pets, play, or cuddles. He brought continuous excitement to the lives of his siblings and humans.

Gabby is and will forever be missed by his humans.

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