2011-05-27 — 2022-09-23

Geno Bambino,

My little man, baby boy, mommy's little guy – you made me a mommy and you taught me so much on how to care for a little 2lb ball of fur. From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were the one. You had a wider face than your litter brother and I referred to you as the wide faced one after I met you at 5 weeks old but in my heart, you were already my Geno. You were such a skittish and scared little guy when you finally did come home for good with your mommy and I did everything I could to make you as comfortable as possible.

After roughly 4 nights of crying your tiny face off about being put in your crate at night, I decided I couldn't hear it anymore. I brought you out and placed you right next to me in bed and that is where you forever stayed night after night. Those early days also had you playing hard but naps were a given throughout the day and mommy always stopped to take them with you.

You turned into a very sensitive man and you can thank Mommy for that. For example, you once slipped down 2 stairs when you were little, cried for a second and went back to playing. Mommy, on the other hand, cried for 5 minutes over it, thinking you were hurt but you were fine. There was also the time you kept cleaning yourself so I looked to make sure everything was fine but saw these little black dots down there. I was so scared you had something wrong. Needless to say, 80 dollars later at the vet, mommy learned that you, as a boy dog, had nipples. You were my first boy doggy and I had so much to learn and I will forever cherish the journey we went on during your life here on Earth, no matter how silly it was at times.

And I know you weren't too thrilled I brought your sissy home almost a year after you. You kept looking at her like, “what the heck is this?” and “why is she tinier than me?” But she loved you so much and I pray that she is with you now.

Then a year after sissy came home, you met mommy's future husband. Of course I did not know that at the time but you sure did and was not a fan of someone hogging your mommy. You chewed up 2 pairs of glasses, his credit cards, his ID, and even took a $20 from his wallet and hid it under the bed. And not just anywhere under the bed but right in the middle of the bed so no one could reach you. The love-hate relationship never stopped cause 2 years after we got married, mommy and daddy got quite the surprise when you decided to secretly lift your leg and perfectly pee right in his shoe without leaving any mess around it. That story is my absolute favorite and you really let him know how you felt. Surprisingly though, this past year, as your heart murmur progressed, daddy helped mommy out so much with you during that time and you finally started to come around to him. It had taken you almost 9 years and I commend you baby G for your strong loyalty to your mommy for so long. It absolutely meant the world to me to know that I was your person.

Now with you and your sissy gone, I want you both to know that you were and still are mommy's entire world and I am going to miss you so much. From the time I was 23 years old until 34, it was us against the world and I will keep that time forever in my heart. Also, please keep your little sister company until I can one day be with you both again – my little stinker babies.

Fly high and pain free my baby boy.

Love you sososo much,
Mommy & Daddy

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