2001-03-31 — 2021-08-01

Helmut Dirkschneider (Stahl)
Helmut was born in the Southside slopes in or around 2001 where he came to live with his Mother, Cassie. For a short period he lived as a foster with his temporary Dad, Dave.
In 2004 He relocated to McCandless to live with his forever family, Brian and Cassie. During this time he became General Manager of Outback Steakhouse on McKnight Road, working his way up to Regional Manager. Though he constantly bummed rides off his parents, he was known to own and operate his own private jet.
In 2006 he moved with his family to Ross Twp, Pa where he remained for the rest of his days.
Helmut enjoyed basking in the sunshine at the top of the stairs, butt pats, anything cheese flavored, mint gum and chasing birds he could not catch. An avid indoorsman, he spent his days on his favorite fleece and choosing toys from his toybox… preferring squirrels, and being an all around good buddy to his bff Brian.
Helmut was the mildest of all cats. He loved all animals, never hissed or scratched and was smarter than your average housecat. He scoffed at laser pointers and made sure to do his “laps” around the house at top speed at least once a week.
Helmut is rumored to have been part bunny due to his soft fur, and hate of having his feets touched.  He smelled of sunshine dust and dryer sheets. 
In his later years, Helmut enjoyed sleeping on the furnace vent in the kitchen eventually moving to his favorite fleece on the couch so he could be around his parents full time. He retired from Outback in order to enjoy his time at home.
Helmut leaves behind his Dad and best buddy Brian, his food giver and Mother, Cassie and a pain in the butt sister, Six…who he tolerated and picked on incessantly.

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