2008-06-10 — 2021-02-25

Jayden was our beautiful Nebelung little girl and one of our best friends. There are no words (or too many) to describe what a great/unconditional family member she has been and the countless hours of joy she brought to us. One of our son’s (Bill) surprised us with her and her brother (Ollie/RIP 6/10/08-3/12/20) on my birthday in August 2008 when they were less than 2 months old, and she was always a loving family addition throughout her time with us.

Jayden was an indoor girl and she never tried to run outside or into the garage – she never got into trouble but was a great mouser. She was a very petite little girl and had a petite personality to match, but always seemed to be happy in her own quite way – she loved scratching her scratch-pad multiple times per day, laying on her back (legs up) in the window soaking-up the sun, and sleeping next to the living room heater vent in the winter. She would always irritate her brother Ollie (who was 8lbs bigger) for fun by playing with his tail and liked to jump into open boxes or play with small knick-knacks around the house. Our home now feels so empty without her and her big brother being around.
Although Jayden was taken from us suddenly (without showing any symptoms), well before her time, and she will miss us; I’m sure her journey to pet heaven was a good one, because she never complained and is now with her brother again. We will miss/love her for the rest of our lives. RIP Jayden (6/10/08-2/25/21).

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