2011-12-15 — 2019-09-03

At 6:37 pm on 9-3-2019 my family and I lost a family member. The world lost a bright shining light, as for us we lost a key piece to our group.
Our son Kiezel was one of a kind. He was a large fur baby with a huge heart filled with compassion. He was on another level when it came to being gentle.
We rescued Kiezel from an abusive situation and if we had not taken him his future was not looking to good because of his breed. We saved him and he saved us as a family.
Playing paddy cake with my wife to singing with me on the recliner. Playing with the boys and being a great protector of us all. 
I am speaking for the whole family when I say it was an honor to love and care for the one I call my son. I will treasure our time even though short I am grateful for having it with Big K.
Most know I am not real keen on people. However, when it comes to my fur babies you cannot find that love, loyalty, and compassion from any individual. I trust them more than any two-legged creature. Kiezel was a great example of just that.
We will grieve and we will also celebrate the life of my “noony.” For if we stay sad we cannot celebrate all he has done for us and those around him including who and what he was to us.
Anyone that has been through it knows it is hard. The hardest part for us is knowing We cannot overload the kisses and snacks anymore. Knowing we cannot be with him to cuddle or pet and most of all love with everything we have as he did myself and my family, his family!
This is not goodbye my sweet Kiezel, this is see ya later and save me a seat.
Heaven has gained our precious baby boy!
We love you so much,
Dad, Mom, Jarrett, Ayden,
 Geno and Bella 

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