2005-10-01 — 2019-10-11

Killian was born on October 10, 2005 in Maryland. When he was a few months old he moved to Virginia to live with his momma and later moved with her to Pennsylvania where he lived the rest of his life, passing away in her arms on October 11, 2019 at age 14.

Killian's favorite people were his momma and daddy, gramma Kathy and granpy John, auntie Kate, and grampy Stan.

He loved napnaps, ninites, his squeaky chichen, and dogeburgers. He enjoyed snorfling in the blankets so they would cover his head just right, running at the beach and in the snow, and playing games to find treats.

Killian was known by many names: Bubby, Mr. Bubs, Bubalub, Monsieur Killyon,  Killybean, and Silly Killy, just to name a few.

Killian was the bestest and goodest boy and his memory will live on in our hearts and he will be forever loved and cherished.  

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