2009-07-01 — 2022-02-09

Lacey Post a.k.a. Little Brown Dog, Lacey-Lou-Bob, Pup-pup. Little Lacey-Lucy and one of the many known co-owners of title “Best Dog in the Whole World” brightened days wherever she went.  From ride in patrol cars and laps around the block, to “nudges” and big flops on the couch; to 90 MPH runs from the back yard and greetings at the door with her favorite toy after a long day at work, this little bed hog warmed our hearts daily.  Her generous tail wags and smiles were a source of constant joy.  She rarely made a mess, she never let you get cold and even surprised us by becoming the best cat mom a stray could hope for.

            She filled the lives of her best-buddy Jake, big sister Ripley and step-brothers Teddy and Chip and her mommies, Tammy, Sandy, Renee and Mandy.

            Lacey truly was a best-friend and I could extol her virtues forever, but will suffice them in the simple praise:  Lacey was a good dog.  Our lives are better for having loved her.

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