2010-04-09 — 2022-10-11


Ladybug “Bugs” Pratt was born on April 9, 2010 in Pittsburgh, PA. She was adopted by her parents, beloved older canine brother Sasha and feline brother, Vader on April  9, 2012 from the Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh.


Ladybug got her wings and peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge at home surrounded by her loving family on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 following a brave battle with a brief illness.


Our sweet Ladybug’s life got off to a very rough start. Upon joining our family, she had several neglect-related health issues that needed to be immediately addressed. She was rightfully scared of other humans until she found HER humans, who socialized and deeply loved her back to health and throughout the rest of her life.


And make no mistake, we were HER humans, she wasn’t OUR dog! She had an iron will. She went from a scared, abused and cowering little girl to an extremely confident young lady in no time at all.


Once she found her footing, her genuinely kind and loving soul quickly flourished. As her brother Sasha aged and became partially blind, she quickly learned how to be his eyes and guide him around the house, to potty and on walks.


After Sasha passed, we wanted her to have a new brother, so we adopted Oliver who was half her size at the time . She very quickly became his mommy, as well as his little Big Sister! As time passed, they quickly became partners in crime, and formed a life-long protective and loving bond with each other.


Although he ended up being 3 times her size, until the very end, when he’d get scared of noises or the big scary killer Pittsburgh deer, he’d hide behind her as she quickly jumped in front to protect him!


During the pandemic, we were fortunate to be able to work from home. This is when her inner-taskmaster began to shine! She enjoyed coming upstairs to work with us everyday and making sure our “TPS Reports’ were completed, in triplicate, every day – NO SICK DAYS ALLOWED!


One of Ladybug’s greatest qualities that we could all learn from, is that she was able to take life’s adversities in stride with little complaint, and most importantly, learn lessons from them.


As an example, when her health began to decline in her final year, she could no longer navigate steps very well and we didn’t want her using them alone. So, she learned that when Ladybug wanted to go UP, she would simply put one paw on the bottom stair, like a Princess, until one of her people carried up the stairs. (She MAY have received kisses the whole way up, too…)


She also took plenty of time to smell the roses, literally. She LOVED smelling flowers on our walks. She also enjoyed her rope-knot toys and removing the stuffing from her plush squeakies so she could enjoy the empty shell.


One of the family’s most endearing memories of Ladybug were her stealthy slip-you-the-tongue kisses. She had a surgeon-like ability to get past your lips when you least expected it!


She was deeply loved, her loss is devastating and profound. She will be dearly missed by her loving parents, Grandmothers, canine brother and best friend, Oliver, and all that knew her.


Run in Peace, my sweet, precious little girl. We will never forget you and we will meet again, someday.


She was preceded in death by her Grandfathers, canine older brother and mentor, Sasha, and her feline brother Vader.


In lieu of flowers or gifts, LadyBug would have wanted donations to be made in her name to the Ohio American Eskimo Rescue, Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh or an animal charity or shelter of your choice, to save other neglected, abused or homeless animals as she once was.

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