Louis Vuitton

2005-03-15 — 2020-03-01


IN LOVING MEMORY OF LOUIS VUITTON. Louis passed away on Sunday March 1, 2020 at Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center after suffering from congestive heart failure. 


Louis was born in Pittsburgh, PA on March 15, 2005. His father was unknown. His mother was a stray cat taken in by a co-worker and friend of mine. Louis was the runt of the liter out of his five brothers and sisters. He also lived in Erie, PA for a few years. 


Louis was adopted at 8 weeks olds and immediately became my fur baby. He was so tiny I had to keep a bell on his collar to be able to find him. He was very playful and mischievous as a kitten. He was much better at climbing than he was at jumping. Once, he climbed to the top of an area rug rolled up in the corner and fell asleep. He became even more energetic in the following years. He would pound on the closet doors until you woke up and fed him. He did not slow down until nearly the end. 


Louis was very passionate about his sleeping spots, in the bath tub, the sink, inside the dresser drawer, under his blanket, next to his giant Eeyore, or on top of my head. He could always find the one sun spot in the house and would lay upside down in it. He would show off my standing on his hind legs. He was spoiled with only filtered drinking water or better yet, the water from my drinking glass. He only recently enjoyed Almond milk, catnip and ice cream. Although, his favorite treat was shrimp. He would’ve eaten the flowers had he been allowed. He had his favorite toy plush dog, maybe because the bell reminded him of his baby collar. He carried the dog around with him everywhere and seemed to share his food, sleeping spots and even his travels with. He loved having his beautiful long fur brushed. He was happy to go outside and lay on a porch but never strayed away. He did well in the car as he traveled since he was a baby. He was very receptive to pet sitting in the past few years with other dogs and cats and had even made a few friends he will miss. 


Louis outgrew a heart murmur he was born with. He successfully lived with diabetes for the past five and half years being insulin dependent. He was very strong cat and lived a long and happy life. He had his toy dog and his blanket with him at the end. I stayed by his side and remained with him even after he was gone. Louis will be forever missed and loved dearly. 


Thank you to Dr. Claudio Lagao for making Louis as comfortable as he could be until his passing. Also, to the staff at Green Pet Funeral Home and Crematory for showing Louis the respect he deserved. 


RIP Louis Vuitton  [❤] ️


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