2004-09-05 — 2019-04-30

In November of 2004, I went to a shelter in hopes of finding a sister for Zoe, and Luna you picked us. From that moment you had my heart. Over the years you stood by me in good times and bad times. Luna you and Zoe, who we lost three years ago, have showed me what unconditional love is. Over the last three years since we lost Zoe, you and I were always together, we were there for each other. On April 30, 2019, when you left us to cross the rainbow bridge to be with Zoe again, you left a hole in our hearts and life will never be the same again. You have taught us so much over the almost 15 years that we had you…especially what love is. We will forever miss your bark, the thumping of your tail when we came home, your belly alarm clock going off when it was time to eat, the way you would look at us when we were talking to you, the many kisses you always gave, the unconditional love, and the list could go on and on.  I will especially miss having you at work with me every day, where you also touched the hearts of so many others. You truly were a very special girl in so many ways. You are no longer by our sides but will forever be in our hearts. We will love you forever and always. We know you are happy being with Zoe. We will see you again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.

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