2011-05-23 — 2022-07-13

Luna Mooney-Kerr. May 23, 2011 – July 13, 2022. Also known as Luna Tuna. My best friend. My Soul Dog. I cannot believe my sweet girl isn’t with us anymore. To say we are heart broken is an understatement. As I sit here and look back on the thousands of pictures I have of her on my phone, I can’t help but smile through the tears because she lived the BEST dog life possible. And I know it was because of the life my husband and I gave her. She was always with us, we took her on so many family trips, and we never boarded her once so she was ALWAYS with her family. She swam in lakes, oceans, and streams…chewed millions of bones and deer antlers…and was the most pampered/spoiled dog out there. She was always living her BEST life. She welcomed our children with grace and was always by their side, no matter how many times they pulled her tail or jumped on her, and not once did she ever snap at them. I took her to dog events in Pittsburgh, entered her into competitions, and she was always impressing everyone with her roll over trick or her treat on her nose/flip into her mouth trick. She was the smartest and most loyal dog out there. There will never be another dog for me that will ever compare to my Luna, she will always be my #1. I love you so much Luna, this isn’t goodbye, it’s simply see you later.

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