2021-02-20 — 2023-02-20

Lynx Elliott (and his best buddy Shadow too, of course!) was a stray kitty who found his way to the Elliott's home in March 2021. Lynx very quickly adapted to his new home and family; Zach, Mary, Libby, Ducky, and Joyce! You could almost always catch Lynx looking out his favorite windows birdwatching when it was a sunny day, meowing by the front door to get outside and play on the porch or his favorite wooded hill, playing in and drinking the sink water, chasing his red laser toy, cuddling with Shadow or snuggling with Zach on his favorite blanket on the bed (after making muffins/kneading it like kitties do!), or playing with a straw, straws were his most favorite thing! Lynx is survived by his pal Shadow but the memories of him and all the great times will be cherished for eternity, never forgotten. I just know that Lynx is up in kitty Heaven being a good boy, playing with a bunch of straws, endlessly playing outside the house, and watching over Shadow and the rest of his family who he loved and gave him a great home for 2 years. 

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