Maxine "Max"

2009-12-04 — 2021-09-30

Maxi came into our lives in 2016, along with her brother Gunner, who sadly passed earlier this year. She was the sweetest girl in the world, and just wanted to be around her humans.
I already miss her hops before we opened the front door to let her outside, I miss her greeting me at the door with one of her unstuffed animals as a gift, the way she’d wave her paw at you when she wanted pets, the random tumbleweeds of Maxi fur that would roll across the floor all the time because ya girl had a TON of fur that no amount of brushing could tame, her sitting next to me on the porch and nuzzling my arm so she could get closer, snuggling our heads during a thunderstorm at night, I could go on forever.
My only comfort is hoping she’s somewhere with Gunner, as well as Jimmy and Justin (her previous owners), laying in the grass soaking up the sun, sharing cheese and peanut butter. We will love you forever, Maxi girl, the floofiest floof that ever floofed.

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