2006-08-13 — 2021-02-01

Mercedes was born August 13, 2006 just outside New Kensington PA to dog mom Lexy and dog dad Scooby Doo.  Eight weeks later, she was welcomed into her forever home by human mom Kelly and human dad Chad. She enjoyed the luxury of being their baby until her human siblings Keegan, Rhiannon and Adrianna were born.  Mercedes quickly became an integral part of the Modro Family, everyone who knew the Modro family knew Mercedes and how important she was to them.

Mercedes was a dog who knew what she wanted in life.  She loved Starbucks Pup-A-Cino’s but hated chicken nuggets.  She loved the drive-thru but would whine when she felt that the line was too long.  She loved Christmas but HATED dressing up for Halloween. She loved her mom and dad, tolerated the kids, but hated visitors announced and unannounced (she took her job as doorbell seriously). She loved basking in the sun light on the kitchen floor regardless of how small that sliver of light was, but don’t you dare try to make her go outside in the rain. She loved being snuggled up on the couch with her mom, scrambled eggs on snow days, sitting in whatever blanket, hoodie, or pile of clean laundry was available, and the heated seat in the minivan.

Mercedes was loved and spoiled by her family.  She lived a great life that consisted of car rides, Christmas gifts, her own birthday celebrations, vacations, sleeping in the big bed, naps with mom, working from home with dad, and being read to by the kids.  In return, she gave her family much loves and unending devotion.  She is sorely missed by her family and they are looking forward to the day when they get to see her again.

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