2012-05-27 — 2022-08-13

Mia Bella, 
You were the sweetest doggy I ever met. No person was ever safe from sniffs and kisses when they saw you. Mommy and Daddy will forever miss you and are trying to find solace that you are pain free, running around doggy heaven. We talked for hours about how you always wanted to be touched. You would plop yourself down in front of us and show us your tummy to rub. If we did not abide, you would start to whine. We would give anything to have you do this again.
I hope you know that mommy did everything in her power to give you a good life. From the massive amounts of toys, clothes (that you hated), yummy treats, to so many comfy beds/blankets spread all over the house. You would never go wanting or needing anything. And you never really needed those things, because all you cared about was hugs, belly rubs, and kisses from us. Your big brother Geno is very confused right now but I think he is starting to realize you are gone. Although he acts tough, I know he is going to miss you for the rest of his life until you two can reunite in doggy heaven. Your love for him was never doubted in our house. When he was in the hospital, you refused to eat until he came home. You needed him up until you left him. Always trying to cuddle him and lay with him. He hated it but for some reason allowed you to do it these final days.

Your loving, caring, silly personality will be one of the things I miss the most. Also your need to be right next to one of us, whether it is at our side, feet, or just laying on top of our chests. It isn't goodbye our baby girl, but see you later. We always will love you and you will forever be in our hearts.

Mommy, Daddy, and big bro Geno

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