2010-06-14 — 2022-01-16

On June 14, 2010 in Akron Ohio a little puppy and her brother were born.  On August 21, 2010 this little puppy became Moira Meehan.  From that moment on she was immediately part of a family that needed her in so many ways.   Until 2014 she was the constant companion of Eileen Meehan, travelling between New Castle, PA and Naples, FL on a regular basis.  Her Jimmy was always there to help raise her and she loved him dearly.  Upon Eileen’s passing in 2014, Moira provided such support to her family.  She came to live with her Terry in New Castle and stayed with him until her sudden passing on January 16, 2022.   She continued to make an annual trip to Naples every Christmas, even though the air travel process never a favorite of hers. 

During her life she had 4 major people who she adored, but she loved all of the people that she met, especially those with treats or compliments on her hairdo or her pretty face.  Her loves were Eileen, Jimmy, Terry and Miss Lisa.   She loved going to the parks every day and never missed a trip to a mall or any other venue that would let her visit.  She loved to get her hair done at her bi-weekly, standing appointment with Miss Sara.   Moira loved life and everything it offered.  She was exposed to so much and absorbed it all.   She was the prettiest and nicest girl in town.  Terry loved every single thing about Moira.   We will forever remember our Moira and the immeasurable love and joy she brought to us all. 

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