2004-08-06 — 2022-01-13

Money has his wings and he was a trouper all through his life.  He brought so much joy to our whole family and children that knew him and especially Mister who gave him and Chelsea walks and Money wants to thank you for loving him so much.


If you could see me now, I am running free with no arthritis in my legs.  I had 17 good years with my family and friends.  Thank you mom for getting me a companion, Chelsea, how I loved her so.  I had the best medical team that any dog could ask for at Banfield Hospital in North Hills.  Everyone was so attentive to my needs until I was thinking I was the favorite but all of the pets were treated so wonderful at Banfield.  Thanks mom for loving me so much. Thanks mom and Diane for taking me and Chelsea on walks and meeting in the park on the northside after you worked all nite long and taking me to the tennis courts and you and Diane pretending like you two were playing tennis but in reality letting me and Chelsea at that time run and play and then when Chelsea passed I missed her so much and then you introduced me to Maxx who was Grandmoms shizu, and tell Maxx whats up boy, I let you do what you wanted to do, never to harm you and boy didn’t you know I was a Pitbull, I was big in size but  had a heart of gold and I really loved you Maxx, be a good boy as you are until we meet again. Maxx I hope you can do your volunteer work once the pandemic is over and give all the emotional support and love to people who need it so much.

So family I will look over you and I know I am always in your hearts as you are in mines so do as I would Love-and give love until we meet again. 

Woof  and peace and Love – your Money Lou.

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