Montygrr Houdini

2009-02-14 — 2020-02-04

“I don’t want another cat, I have one,” I told my niece in August of 2009. “ I can’t afford it.”

  “But I no one else can take him.  My 10 month old pit bull is paying too much attention to him and Tiger “(then – now Tygrr)” is afraid of him.  Please take him, I don’t feel that he’s safe and I don’t want to give him to a shelter.”


   “All right.”  And after almost 11 years, I could not have afforded NOT to take him.


    So here he came, 5 ½ months of brains, charm, and good looks.  Why did I ever doubt?


   He spent his early days being manhandled by four young boys and landed in the home of a single “mature” lady.  And captured her heart.  And after 10 years he was given hyperthyroidism and lymphoma.  The first, very treatable.  The second -vicious, slippery, cunning, and unbeatable.  So, just 10 days short of his 11th birthday (yes, Valentines Day – he was a lover too)  Montygrr Houdini Havoc Bigger crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 


   Many adjectives have described this boy, often from his vet families.  Strikingly beautiful.  A real gentleman.  Curious.  A good cat. From his Aunt -weirdo.  From his Mom  – goofball, silly boy, my baby boy.


  But Montygrr H.H. Bigger would want me to leave you with this adjective to describe him:




He was a typical cat that ran when the doorbell rang, but if you were in the house more that two minutes he was right there in the middle of things to say hello and stay awhile.


And he wants you to know that he, and your beloved pet, and those persons who have found the Way are on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge watching, waiting, hoping, praying…To meet you again there.   So to honor them and to fulfill their hearts desire, do all that you can to find that Way, that Truth, that Life so that they can purr over you, lick your face, chase that toy until you both fall down with laughter, and then curl up on your lap or you feet and sigh contentedly knowing that you will be together forever.


So, from Montygrr Houdini Havoc Bigger and all his band of merriment: 


Come on over!  We are waiting!!!

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