2006-10-14 — 2022-07-23

Our sweet, precious, boy gave his best to all of us for 15 years. You stole our hearts from the very first time we laid eyes on you when you were just six weeks old.

You were a part of everyaspect of our lives as we celebrated birthdays, holidays, and even sick days- you were always right there at every turn. Everyone loved you and enjoyed seeing you greet them at the door whether it was the delivery person or family and friends. It was so cute to see how you welcomed everyone because you knew they were there to see you too. Nikko, you were first class all the way, your manners and etiquette was always on full display- you kneeled and bowed your head while we led you in prayer at every meal. You sat and waited for mommy to get in her bed at night before getting into your bed which rested at the foot of ours. Nikko, you even kept your 4-legged cousins in check whenever they came for a visit; you would let them know when they were outside that they were not allowed to go off the deck or wander into the neighbor’s yard; if there was a remote chance that they were trying to, you would fuss at them and guide them back.
Nikko, everyone knew that you were a mommy’s boy. Every time you were in mommy’s arms
nobody dared to take you away otherwise, they were going to get the look and a snap! Lol! Our
Sweet Angel, life is going to be so different without you. No longer here to give us countless
kisses, coming to the side of the bed to wake mommy and daddy up each morning, going to the
boy’s bedrooms after breakfast to greet them, facetiming Raquel at college, or waiting for Erica
to stop by for a visit. You would get so excited about going to Duquesne and Pitt to see the boys
at school- you were so popular and loved all the attention that you received from the students.
You also loved your daddy time, going for car rides to the store with dad, as well as just hanging
out in his office with him while he worked. You followed mommy everywhere she went around
the house as she moved from one room to another. You would even stay up with her past your
bedtime if she was up late working or studying. You loved Sunday football. Every time a game
was on you would get your toy and run around then run a touchdown by hopping up on your
couch, and we all would cheer you on by saying “yaaaaay touchdown Nikko”! You loved it and
so did we!
Our Sweet Angel, thank you for giving us so much love and filling our home with so much joy.
It will not be the same without you. You will live in our hearts forever- we will love you forever
and always, our sweet boy. Rest peacefully, Nikko. Love Mommy and Daddy, Erica, Isaiah, Kyle,
and Raquel. 

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