2018-08-08 — 2021-07-02


Oliver was born on August 2, 2018 in Punxsutawney, PA.  He was a huge dog and had a huge personality to match.  He was goofy, and loveable and made friends everywhere he went.  When Oliver went anywhere, he drew a crowd of admirers and he loved being the center of attention.  He was photographed by strangers hundreds of times, he was truly a sight to behold.


Oliver’s favorite things included going “bye- byes”, strolling the neighborhood with mom, counter-surfing, having visitors, and eating cheese. 


Oliver is survived by his human family, Sharyn (mom), Dale (dad), August, Elliot, Joshua, and Garrett, who all miss him very much.  Also survived by feline brother Max, and canine brother Gizmo.  Oliver will always be remembered by his other favorite people, Gloria, Sam, and the mail lady.

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