2008-06-10 — 2020-03-12

Ollie was our beautiful Russian Blue buddy and one of our best friends.  There are no words (or too many) to describe what a great/unconditional pal he has been and the countless hours of joy he brought to us.  One of our son’s (Bill) surprised us with him and his sister (Jayden) on my birthday in August 2008 when they were less than 2 months old, and he was always a loving family addition throughout his time with us.


Ollie was an indoor boy but he loved to go out with me (retired) to eat grass, watch birds, and enjoy the sun – he always stayed where I could see him and after 10 minutes or so, would allow me to bring him back into the house or come in on his own (walking next to me).  He had an alpha personality with his sister, but was always ‘hanging’ around us and doing something that made us laugh – carrying around household things to get attention, bringing papers to me off my desk, begging for a treat/cheese-its/peanut butter, catching an occasional mouse in the winter, etc, etc, etc.  He would always sleep with us and liked to jump on countertops/tables/into boxes and loved to be petted/scratched – purring the whole time.  The house now feels so empty without him.


Although Ollie was taken from us suddenly (without showing any symptoms), well before his time, and he will miss us; I’m sure his journey to pet heaven was a good one, because he always seemed to embrace a new adventure.  We and his sister will miss/love him for the rest of our lives.  RIP Ollie (6/10/08-8/12/20).

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