2012-06-15 — 2022-08-01

8/1/22 we lost our pride and joy Phil. Not a day will go by where we won’t think about you or miss you. You were and still are the best Christmas gift anyone could ask for. Over the last 10 years we got to spend with you. You taught us unconditional love. Always there everyday no matter what. And now that your gone there’s a hole that will never be truly filled. Since 12/15/13 you were everyone’s best friend you were never truly a cat, but a major part of this family. Phil was also a cat of many names such as moose,bubba,smoo smoo, old man. Your work here is done and you have family waiting for you on the other side. Thank you for giving your whole life to us. And we will meet again once we cross over that rainbow bridge just like you did. 

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