2007-03-23 — 2020-05-23

Piper Berg – March 2007 to May 2020
Piper LuAnn — you were a little dog with a huge personality.  You brought us so much happiness with your enthusiasm and excitement.  Spunky is an understatement, but that is what made you so special. Your sudden passing has left us with a heartbreaking emptiness.  There are so many things that we will miss about you, Roo.  Your sweet loving “blinkey” eyes and your bouncing around with a toy in your mouth when we would come home.  Rudy, we wish we could see you one more time so we could put our arms around you or for Dad to pick you up and hold you in his arm on the couch.  We hope that wherever you are that you are happy and remember how much we love you.  May God bless your soul and I pray that we will someday see each other again.  We will love you and miss you forever, Little Pants. 

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