2006-08-06 — 2023-01-12

Precious Urban           August 6, 2006 – – January 12, 2023

Precious was born in the neighbor’s window well two houses away. Her mother, Honey, had been abandoned along with Kitty, my other mother cat, during the early winter months of 2006. Honey and Kitty each came to my front porch for food and water for months.

Eventually Honey moved her litter of seven kittens to three other locations before she settled on the area beneath our shed. As I laid on the ground to observe the kittens‘ nursery, the tiniest black and white furball came my direction. I picked up the kitten. Fell in love. Named her Precious.

Honey moved her kittens one more time. I told Honey that I needed to collect her kittens for safe transfer into my garage. Honey escorted me each time, as I gathered the seven kittens and placed them into a carrier for our garage destination.

The family remained in the garage (minus our cars) for six weeks. We decided to keep Honey and Precious. The remaining litter we surrendered to the Animal Rescue League. The kittens most likely would be placed at a local farm to be barn cats.

Precious and Honey were inseparable. They always found a comfy spot together. Precious was the stereotypical scaredy-cat. With any sudden movement or sound, especially for my husband, she fled as fast as a bolt of lightning to safety. Visitors neither saw nor heard Precious.

She eventually came to accept my companionship and touch, especially after Honey’s death in May, 2020. I could hold her. Stroke her silky, long, black and white fur. Enjoy her soft purrs. Surprisingly, Precious began to except petting for my husband, too.

Sadly, my Precious Baby could neither conquer nor survive that nasty melanoma on her left ear. It had metastasized into lymph node creating a large neck mass.

 With love, peace, and calmness, Precious crossed the Rainbow Bridge and joyfully reunited with Honey.

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