2014-07-27 — 2023-03-17

There are not enough words to express how loved Ranger or more affectionately known as “Bug” was or how much love and joy he brought to others. Ever since he was a puppy he had the ability to be obnoxious and get his way. When he wanted water he would climb on top of the couch and drop the metal bowl to get the water bowl filled even if mom was standing right next to him. He was intelligent a mastermind and getting a c clamp lock open by rolling down a hill to unscrew the bolt. He loved his lamb chop toy and had to collect them all before he would go to bed. He started life being drug around the house by his boxer cousin Dexter (who preceded him in death) and later in life he taught his sister Bailey and kitten brother Koda what love, patience, and tolerance where. They built an inseparable bond and were never far apart. Daddy's favorite thing was how fluffy his tail always was and mom's was his eyes no matter how much trouble glissened behind their starburst beauty. No one can replace the snuggles or the songs he provided at 2am or the after bath spunky zoomies. Range there truly aren't enough words to say how loved you are or how truly missed. If love could have saved you, you'd have lived forever. Rest in peace, my little love bug go play tug with Dex and “sing the song of your people”.

Always daddy's best friend and mommy's little love. 


 Mommy, Daddy, Bae, and Koda. 

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