2008-06-01 — 2022-02-04

Rio was my life; he came into my life as a senior kitty (adopted at 9 years old) from the humane society. He came into my life at a time when I lost my last cat, and I was very down and depressed over losing Bullet. When I started looking for another cat, I visited a lot of the cats and tried a lot of them at the shelter, but it was Rio who called out for me with his little meow and little paws. Minute he came into the cat room he jumped on my lap, purred in my face, and rubbed his head on me. I knew at that moment he was coming home with me. Rio and I spent the next 4 years cuddling, playing outside(supervised while outside), taking afternoon naps, and sharing meals (he always wanted my dinner). Rio was there for me when I lost my beagle dog Buddy at Christmas time in 2020, was there when I went through a rough breakup, during finals, and moving from Ohio to Pennsylvania. On February 4th Rio died in my arms at home around the person who loved him the most. It's with heavy heart I had to say goodbye to him, but he will never be forgotten. 

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