2015-02-01 — 2019-10-28

 Rolex passed away Monday, October 22, 2019, her stomach perforated after a bilateral TPLO knee surgery. She was 4 years & 8 months old. Truly the greatest gift I have ever received…..from the time we became a pair we were very seldom apart. Her first trip to Maryland (only 3 days after we met) she slept on the front seat beside me the entire trip. For the majority of her life that's where she stayed – helping me navigate through some of the hardest years & moments of my life. Very active, she loved being outside no matter how hot or cold. Sitting in the sunshine was her favorite. Although she wasn't a fan of the rain or a bath, she LOVED mud puddles & streams, body surfing down steep hillsides in the dew, & she may have even jumped into a pond if I would have said it was ok. I never had to worry about where she was as she would ALWAYS come when called. I can still hear her scrape her nails down the door to let me know she wanted in. I had wanted a German Shepherd for protection as I was traveling frequently on my own to horse shows/training, etc. I knew I had gotten what I was looking for when she & I were on our way to a horse show in Baltimore, MD. The truck was approached by an individual soliciting money for a charitable organization. From the back seat I heard the first low growl start & from that point I had the best protector I could ask for – even when I didn't want it LOL. Protective without being aggressive, she was shy to new people but warmed up easily. You knew she trusted you & you were part of our “family” when she backed her butt right up into you for butt rubs. Rollie loved children – as children related to play. But she knew to walk away if a child was getting too rough with her or if she had enough. She also loved playing with other dogs & wasn't afraid of any …except one. Parker, my trainer, Christine’s, little dog let her know it was his territory & would chase her squealing “like a little girl” through the barn every visit. But a few minutes later they were friends and getting along fine. She was cautious with her feline friends as she had gotten a good swat or two on the nose as a puppy, but she still always wanted to play & if there were only cats around…..well she tried. Of course I had the fear of her being stepped on or hurt by a horse. However, as many of you can attest, Rollie, lay quietly beside me in the arena whenever I was teaching. When there was too much activity she would watch patiently from a chair in the viewing room until I was done. When a horse would come to close to her she knew to keep her distance & would get up & move out of their way. And, when going near a field of horses she always stayed out & would only go into it unless I asked her…..she'd do anything I asked of her. She loved to travel & to be in the truck. We logged many miles together traveling the last few years as we tried to find our own way in the world. Most recently she could also be found “working” with my boyfriend Scott as he would take her & his dog, Riley (Rolex new best friend), to work with him. Riley would be out & about exploring, however, Rolex was happy guarding the truck where she felt most safe & secure. In the past, Rollie had travelled to Motters Station Stables with me too many times to count. She visited the civil war battlefields of Gettysburg & Antietam. Most recently she went to Michigan where she made another great puppy friend, & then to a posh Washington DC hotel to visit Colton at college. Traveling with the dogs was wonderful & both would lay so quiet in the back seat of the truck you had to turn around to make certain they were there. Rollie had a habit of hiding her treats. When we were at Motters Station I would give her a treat as soon as we arrived. She would take her treat & run off to hide it. When I was packing up to leave, Rollie would frantically search for the treat to take it home. She started then to do the same at home, hiding her treats throughout the house, hoarding them from Riley. She would find them at odd times of the day taunt Riley by eating them in front of him. I could of course go on forever about my Beautiful – Wonderul – Amazing – Best Part of My Life, but the point is that no matter what I asked of her she was always there to support me/protect me/LOVE ME unconditionally. Her eyes never left me & she looked to/for me always & now I look for her. She lays now beside me every night & travels with me every day, just as she did in life… guard me & to be there for me. Life will never be the same without her. 

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