Sasha of the Bear

2011-10-12 — 2021-12-16

Dear Sasha

When you tapped into my life I didn’t imagine that you would impact it so much. You’ve eliminated my fear, suppressed my anxiety and ultimately made me a stronger person. Every walk, every nap, and every wiggle made my day. When I wake up and call your name your tail would make the home room shake. Sasha I just want to tell you how you’ve impacted every person that crossed your path with the way you would grin, put your your ears back and toot your butt up for scratches. Girl you protected daddy through his war days and was by his side for tragedy. There’s no other dog in this world that could live up to what you’ve done for us. Auguse, Oliver, Binkx, Nila, and Dino all miss you as much as me and daddy. They will continue to look for you forever Momma Bear. We promise we won’t miss a day without inviting you to come to work, take a car trip, or run outside to wrestle with Dino. We love you. We have to learn how to breathe all over again, For You Girl. Thank you for the 3 extra years of your life. Thank you for staying strong until the end. We love you a million Ol DonkaBooty. Tootles.

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