Scruffy Rascal

2007-04-18 — 2020-08-30

At 8 weeks old Scruffy picked us to be the family to come home with.  He did not take his eyes off his mom until she said he was the one.  At one year old he went on an 11 day adventure to finally make his way home to his frantic family.  Scruffy never ate dog food.  He always had rotisserie chicken or grilled steak/chicken.  One year ago it was discovered he had oral cancer.  After a year long fight cancer finally won.  Scruffy leaves behind and will be sadly missed by his mom Libby, boys Taylor and Austin, brother Charlie, sister Tesla, cousin Onie, dear friend Lindsay French, aunt Tracy, staff at Hippie & French, and Duquesne University Best Buddies family, staff at Larry’s Laundromutt, and thank Dr. Haustovich and staff at Mars Animal Depot.

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