Tiny Tina

2006-07-01 — 2022-10-19

Tiny Tina Lemmon known to most as Tina, was a wonderful Orange Tabby Friend.
She left us on October 19, 2022. She was only 16 years old.  

She had a full life living with her sister, Vanilla Caramel Sundae Green, who is left to mourn her. Tina loved going outside and sitting in the sun. She would chase birds and catch gifts to bring home to her beloved humans. Some of her favorite pastimes included napping with her human mom, chasing that annoying dot that shows up randomly, and teasing her sisters, both human and feline. She even liked taking baths!

In her youth, she loved to travel in the car and sit in the window. She was an explorer who could walk on a leash. That's no easy feat for a cat who has their own personality. She also was able to use the toilet, but preferred the litter box because of the splash. Many people said she thought that she was a dog. She loved doing tricks like sitting, giving a paw, and she would come when you called her. Of course she expected a treat every now and then.  

Tina was happy when her human mom was home. She followed her around the house and was a comforter and protector! She didn't want many people to take her time away. During the COVID pandemic, Tina would sit on the computer so that her human mom couldnt work! She always wanted to be in the Zoom and Teams calls!

She has been with her human family since she was 8 weeks old. Coming from a farm in Somerset, PA. Tina left us peacefully in her sleep on Tuesday, October 19, 2022. She spent time with her hunan family before she left this earth.
Tina was loved and will be missed. There will never be another cat like her. She truly had emotions and would display them. We know that she truly loved us all. Tina leaves plenty of family who will miss her including her best feline friend since birth, her sister Vanilla. We were blessed to have her in our lives.

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