2011-03-03 — 2022-03-01

Titus Crecco (2011 – 2022) was born in South Dakota on April 3, 2011. He graced us with his loving presence on June 25, 2011 after his pup-pup dad flew all the way there to pick him up. When TItus arrived “home”, a deep bond was formed between him and his human parents that could never be broken. 


Titus lived the best life a french bulldog could have. He traveled to many exciting places whenever he could, visiting a total of 17 different states. His favorite place was Hilton Head Island, SC where he loved running on the beach, playing ball, and feeling the sand between his little puppy-paws. 


Titus was loved by so many and if you ask anyone, he had the type of personality that drew you to him and was such a joy to be around. He loved playing with his toys and never cared about stealing them from any other dog and shoving them in their face to play with him. 


Unfortunately during his life, he struggled with significant health issues, but that didn’t stop him one bit. From IVDD to idiopathic epilepsy to recently being diagnosed with cancer, he was such a fighter. We are extremely grateful to all the many veterinarians and specialists that helped him along the way. 


Titus taught us so many life lessons like the power of forgiveness, loyalty, patience, unconditional love, strength, friendship, and gratitude to name a few. We miss and love him so much and know his spirit will be within us until the day we meet up again at the Rainbow Bridge.

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