2002-04-01 — 2020-07-04

Turbo Panda was a rescue from an animal shelter in Portland, OR at 4 weeks old. His name was fitting because of how he would zoom around and do back flips off the door. Turbo was an amazing cat that was smart, curious, loving, energetic, and had a spicy spirit. We couldn't have asked for a better cat. We had an amazing 18+ years with him. He was not only our pet, but a beloved family member and my little snuggle buddy. Turbo was also a great travel companion that had been back and forth from the west to the east coasts several times mostly by car, but also by plane with yearly trips to Minnesota. He loved going for walks on his leash, laying in sunbeams, rolling on his cement sidewalk and stairs in the warm sun, and snuggling under a warm blanket with us. Turbo may you rest in peace in a warm sunbeam. You are loved and nothing can replace you. We will miss you greatly.  

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