2010-06-18 — 2023-04-17

Zoey passed away peacefully, following a short illness, in her human mother’s arms, comforted and receiving the kisses to her temple and head that she loved so much. She was raised all 12+ years of her cherished life by her human mother, since she was 5 months old. She also had two other significant humans in her life; she is preceded in death by one, of 8 years, and survived by another, of over 5 years, as well as other fur and human family and friends. She was a Toy Fox Terrier, and embodied all of those terrier traits. She was famously known as Toaster, Toasty, among many other variations; Toy Fox Chicken; The Fun Police; The Tiny White Raccoon; and others. She was the true guard dog of any home we lived in and kept everyone accountable for their funny business. She was notorious for her small stature; single black spot above her tail; big personality; breaking into food containers, cardboard boxes, or backpacks for food; big puppy eyes; and huge ears, which were as soft as velvet. She loved toys; cuddles; kisses on her head; any and all food that was safe for her to eat, but especially radishes and popcorn, as well as any other morsels from hunting on the kitchen floor during meal prep, around her late parrot sister Alice’s cage, or scraps in the yard with the chickens, ducks, and geese she used to live with; playing frisbee; getting her neck and sides sniffed by other dogs she’s lived with; sun spots in the house and standing outside in the sun; dancing; traveling; being “tucked in” to bed; opening presents; exploring in the woods to find good sticks to strip of the bark; and many more things. She was an IVDD survivor and never let it limit her strong and determined spirit, remaining able to walk and run freely, but with a cautious mother in tow. She also achieved an on-screen debut in a feature documentary film that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and other festivals around the world. Toasty’s presence, companionship, and love will be sorely missed.

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